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I am new to modding and I wanted to share this to get help with it to make it better for everyone that's interested.


Arkianus Stone can be found in the Whiterun Bannered Mare.

He can be married and he can be a follower.

He has minimal dialogue, and it works but some of it isn't functional ( by that I mean the ale dialogue )

The dialogue is not voiced, and is also very rude and forward. You have been warned.



I appreciate any feedback, comments, questions, concerns, etc.


Credits - Ashal for the SexLabFramework

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I did a very limited test (never left Whiterun, only played about 20 minutes with him)


He's got greyface and I got no silent dialogs from him, just the usual for his voice type. The latter may be a conflict I suppose (I have UFO and SLEN but no dialog overhauls).


If he is intended to be a weak follower who must be defended you might want to note that in the OP. I didn't try the UFO "train some" dialog so I don't know if that will work to boost him some. Or, you might try setting him up to level to the PC like a lot of other followers.


SOS seemed to work fine, and SexLab animations ran without problems, just fyi.

I do like the idea of a crude, forward follower in general, best wishes and thanks for sharing.


hope that helps

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Arkianus Stone is a Nord and to be honest I didn't even touch his looks in the Creation Kit. He is male. I'll make him level with the player and start him out a little higher.


Thank you for doing a test. I must have forgotten to include the facial textures, my bad. My first file upload. I had a feeling I forgot something. I will fix the greyface in a while when I upload a new version with more dialogue and the leveling system and such.


Sorry I didn't see your replies until now, I thought I set it to notify me when I got a reply but I guess it didn't.


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The idea of a crude and forward follower/spouse who is also not much use as an "adventurer" (who is weak and goes down/hides quickly) might be interesting, but maybe only to a relatively small audience, though that isn't a bad thing in itself. It's about what you want to make and are willing to share. 


I don't know why I didn't see any of his custom dialog, Fuz is working for the other mods I have installed. Maybe I have a conflict - I'm rather hapless when it comes to such things. 

Is his dialog conditional by any chance? Do you have to be married or wearing a Mara amulet or anything?


Anyway, thanks again for your efforts and for sharing. I look forward to trying him out again.

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That doesn't make sense if the animations work but you can't see his custom dialogue. The only dialogue I gave him was to play the animations, plus one where it says he slaps the players ass when the player gives him an ale. You didn't see any, like for example:


"How are you feeling today, sir?"


None of the dialogue is conditional, I'm still learning how to make it that way.


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I didn't. But, I did only do a very short test run. I used SLEN dialogs to activate SL. 

I'm planning to give him another run when you post a face-fixed version and to spend a bit more time with him, maybe things'll show up then. I'll certainly let you know either way if you wish.


thanks again

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On ‎12‎/‎15‎/‎2017 at 2:15 PM, Bobbert6996 said:

Can you explain more about what the follower does, what SL functionality is there, etc.

Sure, sorry for not including this in the original post. He is good at one handed, I gave him some dialogue. The SL functionality comes from the dialogue where you ask him if there's anything you can do or how his day was. Like I said in the new version I just uploaded the first version was uploaded incorrectly.


I like feedback and ideas. I'm willing to take this in a thousand different directions. If anyone wants something changed just let me know, I can upload different versions since I don't imagine a lot of people like the idea of playing housewife. I forgot to mention that he's set up to do work between M-F, from 6 am to 5 pm.


Other than that there's a bit of a bug where he tries to go to Alvor's house at the end of his work day if you're outside but the workaround is to just go inside his house and wait a bit. Also, it says the bed is owned but you can still sleep in it.

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Here are some questions I have about what to include in the next upload:


Would you like to see:


Some dates with Arki?
Arki bring home flowers for you?
Some DD action?
A system where you have to make sure Arki is fed three times a day? (Is he really that helpless? lol)
Any other ideas?


Let me know in the comments!



This MOD has nothing to do with what I actually think about women and what they should do.
I'm just making it for fun and an audience that enjoys it (hopefully).

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