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This is a modder's resource 3D model/mesh that I created using Blender 3D of the classic railgun from the 1998 PC game Quake 2.


It's not textured, it's just the mesh.


I do not know how to turn weapons created using Blender into usable weapons in Fallout 4, and Ialso  have zero experience with animations and rigging.


If you have experience with that and are actually willing to help, then by all means please try to turn this into a new weapon mod for FO4.


Just be sure to credit me.


There are a few guidelines that you should follow.


This file is subject to future updates as I continue to rework it.


*The parts of this weapon that are colored red are meant to glow red, except the trigger.

*The weapon should fire a blue-colored corkscrew of energy, just how it did in the original game.

*The projectile travels at ultrasonic velocity and does massive damage to targets, pierces through them, and instantly cripples limbs.

*There is no reloading or reload animation, it just keeps firing rail slugs (3mm Gauss Rounds) until you're out of ammo.

*It has high recoil and a very slow rate of fire, but high accuracy and range.

*There should be a continuous electrical humming noise when the weapon is equipped.

*When texturing the weapon, be sure to give it a dirty and worn look.

*Look at screenshots from the original Quake 2 version of this weapon for reference when texturing.

*The mesh is still a work in progress and is a bit rough and not worked on in certain areas, so it might need some gussying up.

*The diffuse/viewpoint colors of the weapon in the screenshots is how the weapon is supposed to colored, please stick to the color scheme when texturing.


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