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How to set up Sims 4 for scripting?


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Hello there, 


I'm not looking for a tutorial on how to script in python, I'm okay on that front, my question is how do we set-up sims 4 for utilizing new python scripts?  


I have some experience with sims 4 modding already from zerbu's mod constructor and sims4studio, but neither of those seem to be geared towards the creation of scripts.  I'm assuming we need to use some sort of program to decompile the libraries from the sims 4 game, then import those into a python script, compile the script, and then rename the compiled script to a .ts4script file and maybe link it into the game through xml tuning in a normal package file?


What tool is safe to use to decompile those base game files?  I've tried googling but most of the links I've come across simply link to forum tutorials that no longer exist.  Plz help a fellow modder.  

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