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Seeking a good enb prest for demoniac skin

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Demoniac is going to look pixellated and plastic on ANY ENB setting because that's how it's made. You can reduce the plastic look with a different spec map, the pixellation has nothing to do with ENB and is a product of the multiple resizing passes and shitty compression.


You should probably reword your statement because rudy is pretty full featured and even toned in presentation, and if your statement is "exactly like the nexus follower screenshots" then


A. Anko is more intensive than Rudy


B. So is SDP.


So your choices are: Use what the screenshots use and have reduced framerate or stick with what you have and change the textures.

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Rudy in my experience is a perfect gameplay balance preset, but as far as taking screens of beautiful characters and lush body highlights, I agree it universally falls short. It's strictly about personal preference. 

15 hours ago, ThisTimeIBeAGoodGirlSir said:


SPD is an acronym I suspect? Snapdragon ENB possibly? 


Loverly shot btw, TTIBAGGS


What Enb preset do you use if I may ask?

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