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Help with creation kit textures

RaverLord Nito

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I need some help with a personel mod. I'm using this mod


To recreate my oblivion character. I made a custom skin for the follower because i want to keep a different skin for the regular argonians. The skin and hand textures come out fine with the multi color scales however the head does not. It keeps the default colors. I made a different head and applied the textures to that. It doesnt seem to be working. Any way to fix this?



This is what the issue looks like


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Each race uses specific TextureSets for body and head.


Head starts with SkinHeadMale + Race / SkinHeadFemale + Race (In TextureSets). Additional with _Age, Old, Scars etc.


Create a TextureSet for your race (argonian) and select your textures (dds).

Then open the race Argonian -> Tab Tinting -> at the bottom of the list add your new TextureSet. Notice the Male <> Female option at the top of the Race window.


Now open your follower and select -> Tab Character Gen Parts -> Face Complexion your version.


Note: It will be necessary to re-export the NPC head with Ctrl + F4.
Further note: If the character is already in save game with old settings, it usually has no effect.
All tricks in console with SetNPCWeight, Disable, Enable are temporary only.

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