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Help! Some thing weird is happening to my female character body


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So I recently just installed a lot of slavery mods to my Skyrim. For my game's female body, I chose to use Bodyslide and Outfit Studio & Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer. However, after I successfully created the body and saved everything, I loaded my game and the female bodies turned out terribly like this (see the screenshots) 


Here is a list of all the mods that I have:

ZazAnimationPack v7.0

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended

Slaverun Reloaded

Simple Slavery 5.21

ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer v1.3


Non Sexlab Animation Pack v3.1

Fuz Ro Doh

Devious Devices: Integration

Devious Devices: Assets

Devious Devices: Expansion

Crash Fixes

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- ver. 1.1.9

BodySlide and Outfit Studio

ApachiiSkyHairFemale v1.5

ApachiiSkyHair v1.6

Amputator Beta v0.7


I think the problems came from Caliente Enhancer, because I ran into the problem after I installed the Caliente's pack. I tried to reinstall everything but still did not work.

I googled it up and i havent found anyone that solved this problem... I would really appreciate if someone can help me, even just a few tips, thanks!




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