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Dragon with Genital?

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Hi all, 
please tell me exactly how i get a penis on these (common) dragons.
I saw "more nasty critters 9.3" and "Horny Creatures of Skyrim" and a way to expensive model on 3dexport . that looks good but i cant get it working /dont have 17 dollars to spend.

i have "all animals and creatures be friend" mod that makes the normal creatures unagressive and not shy anymore but that shouldn't hinder me from get equipped dragons, does ist?


Can't someone make a mod that only needs sexlab to get the dragons (and only the not-unique dragons) with penis? i dont care if it is static but it should fit the race and colour so dont only place a pink stick between its legs and please make it NOT GLOSSY!
my creature framework dosnt recognize the "tools" from MNC and HDoS so IF you absolutely need to use Creature Framework, pls make shure it recognizes your work no matter what.


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