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Trying to understand a Fetish you dont have is simply Impossible

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I already saw how people tried to understand masochists "how can you like pain?"


or people who simply feel both dominant and submissive,




It is almost as stupid to tell a switch "you simply cant decide what you like more so you stick with both" as telling that to a bi-sexuell person.


To face it, Fetishs and Kinks are a very complex thing going on in the Mind and for someone to understand it is very hard, basicly impossible.


So the next time your stumbeling across a Fetish you didnt know yet, dont try to argue with the Person having it that its stupid or weird.


Try to respect their interests, as they will respect yours.


Aslong as everything is consentual, its not your decission what someone else likes in bed...

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Agreed - was reading about an emotional masochist doing a quite upsetting-sounding scene. I cannot imagine how anyone could enjoy what they did (a task in front of their scene friends based on pain and humiliation - she'd been told if she passed, her partner would propose to her IIRC) - but she's been set up to fail. It sounded awful but the author seemed to have enjoyed it. 

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