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31 minutes ago, randomname002 said:

I know Lykaios, but am after something with more wolf like features and less dog like, if you know what I mean.

Not really. I'll admit the Lykaios are not 100% wolf, and could pass up for Huskies with some tints/warpaints; perhaps even work for certain dog breeds with new textures, but they are pretty spot-on all things considered. Don't know how they could be made more wolf-like except for improving their assets and giving them better-shaped (as in, less blocky) heads, but that would be more of a quality update that anything else.


If by "more wolf-like" you mean more feral, then there isn't much else. There's the Ulfhednar, which uses a more feral-like wolf head that was included in the game files but was unused (seems like the devs wanted to give werewolves humanoid bodies and heads like the playable races but then ditched it and went for the final full-creature werewolves instead). But they are basically Lykaios with different heads and the mod is very WIP (no RaceCompatibility support, some textures rely on Khajiit assets or are not included at all altogether, etc.). Oh, and the head morphs were never finished, so they are basically stuck on a perma angry-baring-teeth expression.

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