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Help changing vamp eyes in JH Dawnguard.


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Hello all.


I have very limited experience with modding in general. I can do some basic drag and drop edits for compatibility in TES5Edit, remove conflicting records, ect to make my mods play nicely, and I have a good grasp of converting body types.


So, my present situation is sadly beyond my limited skillset.


I LOVE the JH Dawnguard mod's female vampires. They are extremely well done.


Sadly, it only alters females. I use another vampire overhaul that replaces the appearance of all male vampires in the game though, and simply load JH after it in MO. Babette is covered by the Lamae Follower-Babette Replacer mod, Sybille with NPCVTT, and Serana/Val with the wonderful Seranaholic. Works like a charm, except for one tiny problem; The eyes.


All the vampires in my game except for the vamps covered by JH have red eyes. Serana/Val/Harkon, Babette, Sybille, and all vampire males. JH's vamps use normal human eyes instead of vampire01.dds, or vampire02.dds and no glowing meshes. I know I shouldn't let such a minor issue bother me, but I really like consistency, and to be honest, it's driving me a little insane, lol.


Can any kind soul give me ( detailed ) instruction for changing the eyes in JH to match?


As an aside; If the same/another kind soul could help me get fangs on Serana from Seranaholic 1.2h I would name my next child after you ;) !

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You are awesome! ;)


Took a bit ( Your instructions were very clear, but I was being very careful because I haven't really played with Nifscope ), but; The eyes are fixed!



As for the fangs, I'm assuming I can't do it then since Serana uses the Nord Race instead of Nord Vampire???

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