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Mods are missing SOME textures; runs fine without mods


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Running Vanilla Skyrim (no DLCs, can't find them on Steam :'( now that SE is released) and if I run the game itself, there's no issues.  If, however, I attempt to run the game with any mods my character is halfway sunk into the floor and some but not all NPCs are replaced with the red diamonds signifying a missing texture.  I also cannot interact with ANYTHING, so I can't even just deal with some of the NPcs not being rezzed.


Since I can run the game and all the textures are present in the first place, and I can't figure out why some but not all of the NPCs are missing (not all males, not all females etc) I have come to the conclusion that I need to start over from scratch because one of the mods I installed "replaced" a texture but it was corrupt or I let a different mod overwrite it, or Cuthullu.


QUESTION: How do I delete/reinstall my mods?

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QUESTION: How do I delete/reinstall my mods?


Depends on how you installed them.


A.) Are you using a helpful tool (like ModOrganizer or NexusModManager?) <--------( VERY VERY HELPFUL!!!   I prefer ModOrganizer, but that´s just my kind of taste! Everything else could be fine, too)


B.) Or are you playing mods from steam workshop?


C.) Or did you manually install mods?


D.) Or did you even mix this?


Answer A.:

Managing tools often put the mods into a top folder calles "MODS" or something.

So they should be uninstalled / reinstalled with their tool.


Answer B.:

Steam puts them under its own "Workshop" folder.

just "unsubscribe" and find and delete the right subfolder.

Then resubscribe


Answer C + D: (good luck!)

Much harder is it with manual installed mods. They are in your skyrim "data" folder.

But manually installed mods are very often mixed together and can often not be deleted seperatly.


By vanilla, your "Data" folder should only contain the few main game files (easy to find, they are held quite simple, cause they all have the word "skyrim" within it´s name);

The "Update" file

Eventually the official DLC ( but you said you had none!)

And the "shaderfx" and "video" folder.

Everything else will be from a mod.


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