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Any sunbathing mods?


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Does anyone know of or know where I can find a mod that allows sims to sunbathe, i’d really appreciate it, thanks :)

That would be pretty cool!

Right now the closest we have is cloud gazing :lol:


That being said though, there may be some pose player stuff around,


I could try it out but it wouldn't really qualify or work as a ww teasing anim and would deserve some buffs and reaction of its own :)

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I want to add sunbathing to WW for quite some time. I will for sure do it once I find the time!

Really?? That's interesting to know :D

I'm sure there's of animation lot in game that might fit but if you want anything simpler, like a reclined animated pose or two I'm in :)

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I have not the slightest idea about modding itself (how it works, what tools to use, etc.) but I very much enjoy the work of all you talented people in this community. That being said, is there perhaps a possibility to combine the yoga mat with the cloud gazing? Just to get the feeling of sunbathing. 


God I miss the days of Sims 2 and its wonderful Hawaiian style holiday resort.

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