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Sexout FNV crashing on startup (before the main menu)


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I know there has been other people talking about this specific topic, but I've gone through and looked at other people with my same issue and see what they had done to fix it, and with all those fixes none worked. I'd also like to mention I just wiped my PC and decided to go back and play FNV again, so I went back and downloaded everything I used to have including TTW, Sexout, and various other mods from the nexus. I've tried and disabling every other mod except for sexout, and it still crashes. But if I disable sexout it seems to work. Sorry if what I'm saying isn't specific enough for a solution, but I'm not sure what to do anymore. (I also had problems with installing the core files for sexout when first installing my mods again) (And I'm using FOMM)

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Ok, so I reinstalled for about the 6th time and I'm not entirely sure what I had done different this time, but everything seems to be working okay. Again, I'm not really sure what I did, so if anyone else is having this problem I guess just keep reinstalling with different methods each time, until it works.

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