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enb recomendation

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Sorry my bad english

i'm looking for a enb that makes beautiful npcs, and be performance friendly as possible.

i tried Kwanon enb, but is a bit heavy to use just for those pretty faces with fair skin complexion (also turning off all environment effects)

i tried Dreamer Real performance enb + Imaginator, characters looks a bit decent, but i feel like its a too old enb preset, without the newest performance features.

my pc specs

GTX 960 2gb

i5 3570k

8gb ram

i can hold Kwanon at 60 fps but decreases to 48-59 fps at battles (like 5 vs 5) only at the start, after a while i can get 60 fps again in the battle

Dreamer gives me 58-60 fps all the time, but uses a old enb..., this makes me think about my existencial life, if someone know a enb with espesifications above please share it with me!


the reason of this, if you want try to help more

is the CPU Usage, a example, im in the breezehome, 35% CPU Usage, i go out to Whiterun and fast travel to Solitude, i enter to winking skeever for 5 minutes, 60% CPU usage and decreases to 50-55%,i go out and fast travel again to Whiterun and enter to Breezehome (at the exactly same point) now i got 45% CPU Usage, tried PCB and alt tab, not worked, the only way i found to fix this is, close and open the game again, max temperature of CPU reaches to 75ºc, so... should´t be a temp issue i guess.

this issue happens, when i enter in a heavy cell, or if i die too many times, cpu usage increases gradually, it's more noticeable in kwanon (heavy enbs) than dreamer (performance enbs), but happens in both. its just a example, sometimes i get +65% CPU usage in idle and causes low fps

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i can only think of unbleak enb.

my specs

i5 4440

gtx 960 evga 2gb

16 ram

average of   55-60 frames

inside a moded breezehome 40-45ºc.  outside 55ºc average, very rarely reach 60ºc on the world.

mostly only happens around morthal due to the swamp fog

https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24828/? this is the enb

the texture i have now is  real women of skyrim.



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I would recommend ankoENB.

It is full of color, and it enhances the faces of characters, with skin texture mods or without.

Depth of field and ambient occlusion aren't that heavy on performance, but I suggest turning them both off as they still impact the fps hard when a lot of things are in view.


Average FPS for me is 55-60 outdoors, but not much action, and only a few NPCs are present. In big-scale battles, like in Immersive Patrols, 40-50 is the average.

It's a constant 60 fps indoors.



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thanks!, i tested both, unbleak and season of skyrim (with same effects activated) and here is my "review"

with unbleak npcs looks good, but a bit saturated in indoor (orange skin with fsc), performance is good, i sit on a chair in The Winking Skeever, and CPU average was 44-46%, so, i start attacking everyone and get 55-60% average (with 60 fps), after that, i go out at solitude, attacking everyone again, and running to the castle and same thing, killing all npcs and dying, after this, i sit in the same chair and i get 47-52% average now. its acceptable
with "Seasons Of Skyrim" i did exactly same, i sit on the chair and get 30-35% average usage of CPU (wow), after the battles and dying, i got 37-44% average, but fps sometimes go out of 60 fps limit (62.8 and down to 55), but i get 60 fps most of time. CPU usage sometimes jump to 70-92% Usage, its like enblocal fps limiter doesn´t working properly with 0.292 enb. npcs looks 10/10, but performance is not too good as unbleak

about ankoenb, doesn't like me how my followers looks (too bright and white :s ) thanks anyways for the suggestion.

i read somewhere if i use dreamer enb (old enb) with the new 315, will cause performances issue, freezes and ctd  :-/

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Man i recommend only two thing


Take a 970 or better,if you can. Play skyrim with a 2 gb GC, you lost many opportunity to improve your gameplay and have a good experience of this game


Try openpheldt or enb who dont have dependencies with other mods


However, good luck and have fun in Bordeciel

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i'll keep unbleak enb, i had to tweak interior saturation, now is 9/10, with some tweaks can be perfect, also i got more stable 60fps without burn up my cpu/gpu (max was 76º/70ºc, but its ok, less than others) and environment doesn´t look so bad!, also with this enb, i can load my save game without CTD.


about my issue, i think i solved it


in videomemorysize i did RAM+VRAM - 2048 = 8192, but vramsizetest says i had 5660 of available memory, i was using 8192, and its like the game was trying hold more than can take, now im using 5660 - 170 = 5590, CPU usage not was reduced after the battle, but now it doesn´t stack. I also reduced reservedmemorysizemb from 512 to 384



the only graphical mods i have are performance mods (objects remover, optimized textures etc), so max vram usage i get ingame was 1.600, my gpu is not a problem. Of course if i could, i'll go right now to buy it :D , but in my country is really hard to get PC components at a reasonable price :s .
im not using enb´s with mod dependencies  :o
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i already followed that guide, thanks anyways  :D


finally i solved my issue



FloopySOS v2.3 was the issue, i installed all the mods again, installed 5 mods and test, 5 mods and test again, and i found this was causing the CPU overheat, i uninstalled it and the issue has been solved, v1.7 is working without that issue



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