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Learn something new about FO3 every day.

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For whatever reason I was having trouble getting Broken Steel to actually load after the main quest was done. I finally ended up disabling every mod (even the unofficial patch), and when that didn't work, I gave in and did something I'd never done before; I sent Sarah into the purifier.


Thankfully this somehow worked and I got Broken Steel to load; I expect Sarah to be there when I got up, in a coma; she wasn't. Confused, I looked at my dialogue options with Elder Lyons. Turns out... Sarah sort of died. At this point my mind is blown that she actually dies when it comes to Broken Steel, especially when in the main story, without that DLC, the Lone Wanderer is considered to have died, yet your character is fine and dandy, no worse for wear just two weeks after the fact.


I'd never actually sent anybody else into the purifier room before (well okay, I did send Fawkes in once, but being a Super Mutant he;s immune to that nonsense), so I had no idea that Sarah would actually die. Not that she does anything important during all of Broken Steel, but still; kind of sucks that I actually perma killed her.


But at this point I've watched that fucking ending movie 10 times trying to get Broken Steel to work, so I'm not going back.


tl;dr: I learn things that others already knew because i iz teh dum

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First time I played Fallout 3 was the GOTY edition unmodded. I went into the purifier myself and came out the other side for Broken Steel just fine. Weird. I only played it through once though because by the time I beat it New Vegas was out and I never went back.

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I've gone through Fallout 3 about 15 times, and each time Broken Steel loaded just fine. But with this new install (due to a new computer) Broken Steel refused to load. I got the level cap boost, but it just didn't want to start.


I just use it for the Enclave camps throughout the wasteland. Because I like shooting them and blowing up their Vertibirds.

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Yeah, that was one aspect of it that I DID like, for the most part.


The Vertibirds were WAY too weak, however, a few bursts and they explode, and the camps are comical in how stupid they are.


I mean, if the camps were all located in a large perimeter guarding a larger outpost (which backed up the camps) and it were done in a way that suggested that the person who planned it had ANY military training, it would have been neat.

As it was, it was just annoying for the most part.


However I DID like that one camp that raiders had took out, spraypainted, etc, and there was even a raider in power armor nearby it.

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