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SexoutNG support module for Goodsprings Player House V0.0.2

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This is NO sex mod.

it's something that i made primarily for myself, to have all Sexout stuff in one place while testing the Sexout mod i'm working on.


it need's the base mod, that can be found on the NV-Nexus: Link


Add's items from the supported mod's to the AutoSorter.


SuppMod Feature:

Sexout related "medicine" items will be stored in it's own first aid kit, in the bathroom.

it has none of the supported mods as dependencie, by makeing heavy use of NVSE's BuildRef function.

if none of the supported mod's (for now Sexout.ESM and SexoutCommonResource.ESM) are installed, it's useless to have this support mod installed, as it won't do a thing.


items, the player shouldn't be able to see or put out of the inventory, will be placed in the garbage in the kitchen.

Except Semen and OVA's from Pregnancy, which will be stored in the fridge.

Every offspring and baby item goes into the crip.

Token, nude bodies and such go into the garbage can.

An function to empty this container will come in a later version of the base mod.


As for the base mod: The sorting is rude and i hope for users suggestions/error reports to improve this module.


To avoid getting the same questions here, as via PM on the nexus:

The scripts where made with an self-made tool. Everything else would just be hilarious, as the SCR contains way more armor entries then then vanilla NV game.

1865 entries overall, 1155 (excluding Cass outfit as it's just edited vanilla) entries of them are armor. O_O Great job there, Halstrom!




AutoSorter stats showing only vanilla items, items from all DLC's and all supported SexoutNG mod's.



House: Goodsprings V0.0.3



SexoutNG V2.6.72b2 (optional)

Sexout Common Resource 20121117.1beta (optional)

SexoutNG Slavery V1.4.10 (optional)

SexoutNG Legion [Tryout 11152012] (optional)

SexoutNG PregnancyV3 1109.1 beta (optional)

SexoutNG Store 2012-11-09 (optional)

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Updated to support the new version 0.0.3 of the base mod.


Edit: For the baby's, i included a new container, based on the vault crib mesh.

The sorter will store them there. To enable the crib, Sexout SCR is needed.

it's placed at the end of the bed and still not exluded from the navmesh.

Will change as the base mod advances.

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Very nice, I like how every things has a container


Though what with the radiation at the bathroom doorway form the bedroom and in the tub.


Any plans on a non mannequin version or a way to turn them off, there a little creepy and makes the house feel crowd.

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