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CK error

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I get this error with ck. Tried to find any documentation about it but no luck. Anyone has any clue what it might be?


Pointer value cannot be cast as NumericID : Size bust BSUInt32.

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Is the error when starting CK or loading ESP / ESM?

Relatively poor information for help ...

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I duplicated an original Dawnguard cell, but I deleted everything and started from there. I didn't pack my files to bsa yet, because I'm not done with the mod.

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EDIT: Okay... after a little more testing, I'll report that this error occurs whenever I create a new armor in the CK by changing an existing record's ID, then create a new constructible object for it by changing an existing record's ID.  If I create a NEW piece of armor (right-click --> New) and a NEW COBJ, I don't get the error.  Having said all of that, I'm not sure that it matters.  The mod getting the CK "pointer value" error seems to work as intended in game, so that cryptic error may just be one of those CK things you learn to ignore.  Old reply below:



Can't solve the problem for you, but I'll tell you what I was doing when the same error started showing up...


I was trying to convert the Craftable Invisible Helmets mod to SkyrimSE.  The 64-bit CK was throwing this error (and something about the String files) when I tried to update the 32-bit Skyrim esp.  So I figured I'd just zero-base the mod.  Starting from scratch, I duplicated the steel plate helmet and removed a few biped objects.  Saved the esp with no problems.  Then duplicated the COBJ recipe and pointed it to my new helmet.  Saved the esp - Pointer value cannot be cast as NumericID : Size bust BSUInt32.

So, out of curiosity... are you messing around with armor biped objects or COBJs in your mod?

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