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Sex animations being slightly off position

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Whenever using (Sexlab) animations, my character (female Breton) is a couple of inches too "low" in the animation. She's wearing High Heels, but Sexlab automatically disables the height difference.


Any idea what might be wrong? Thanks in advance!

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**She's wearing High Heels.** High heels adjust your height when you wear them. If you leave them on and sex animations start it's going to adjust you to match the heels height. If you remove them then start the animations it'll adjust you to a different height. If you want to wear heels set them to be removed when animations start or remove them till animations start then put the heels on.

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You might be able to adjust your heel height through the MCM to change where the high heels raise your player to but doing so would place the heels underground which is where high heels originally are at before the player wears them and they adjust and come above ground.

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