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Vendor Leveled Lists Addon for UAP

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Hey there~! Recently got back into Oblivion modding and came across the older UAP mod here, but sadly, it had 0 leveled list integration!


UAP mod can be found here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/8991-uap-ultimate-armor-pack-hgec-female-body-replacer/


I would have loved to post this on the original page, but seems all the odler mods get archived and cannot be added to anymore, so here it is;


Vendor Leveled Lists for UAP:


(mod is also attached to this post, if you wanna just grab it from here instead of DropBox)



I have added in all the armor, clothes, and weapons into the VendorWeaponsAll, and VendorArmorAll lists, so any normal vendor that uses these lists should get random assortments of these items from time to time. The items are not level restricted as far as I can tell, so you should see any of them spawning from the beginning of the game.


This hans't been thoroughly tested yet, but should work as far as I can tell in my brief testing. If anyone would be soo kind enough as to try this out with UAP and make sure everything is working as intended, I'd really appreciate it!


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Thank you very much. I'm reinstalling Oblivion and I was looking for some new clothes and armors.


This compilation seems to be great, so I'll check it with your patch. I don't know when I'll play, though, because I'm currently busy with Megadimension Neptunia VII. However, count on me.


If I see any strange bugs and I can assure that are because of your Vendor Leveled Lists for UAP, I'll report them!

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Is it ok with you if I post a version that includes your addition? I was looking through the original in TES4Edit, and saw so many unnecessary changes. An armor pack that changes the names of some vanilla books, changes the name of 1 road sign. plus, all the chests all over the world is just asking for compatibility issues. I removed all the unnecessary stuff. So it's basically just the armor and weapons with your LL changes. 


I may even become so inclined to check about adding them to LL's for NPC's to use.

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