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Making hair


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Trying to get argonian fins to fit with a hair. I don't need them to be able to adjust with sliders or anything. I had to alter the fins to get them where/how I wanted them.


In NifSkope

1- Copied branch from argonian fins

2- pasted branch to hair 64.nif

3- saved as MixedHair.nif

4- exoprt OBJ, now I have MixedHair.obj  and  .mtl

5- opened conformulator and used headkhajiit.tri with MixedHair.obj   Now I also have MixedHaie.egm

       -settings   Nearest Face   Tri File - None     (none of the other hairs in my race pack have tri file, this is the first hair I'm trying to make)

5- Import MixedHair.obj in blender and then export as MixedHair.3ds

6- 1st try - Rename MixedHair.nif/.egm to 64.nif/.egm    == Bald in game

6- 2nd try - open new window in NifSkope, Import MixedHair.obj,  and no fins......

6- Import MixedHair.3ds into NifSkope - Set Proper texture paths - save as 64.nif - export as 64.obj

7- use Conformulator with headkhajiit.tri and new 64.obj  same settings as above - get 64.egm

8- put replace 64.nif/.egm in data/texture/race/hair with new == bald




I'm so lost.  I've looked into some other threads on making hair, but they all use 3Ds Max, not looking to buy a program.


This is what I have from the steps I described, aside from the renaming.






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morphable items can't have multiple objects. i think the conformulator would already have warned you about that. no you can't merge 2 hairs just like that.


you need to do that in blender. but that can be a bit more complicated than you think right now. like... for example, the nif format does not allow multiple materials in one object. that means the texture also needs to be only one.


now you have two choices. merge them with blender normally, and make a new texture for it. in the process you may also have to remap uv and sort hair layers. or, make it a wig item. it will be easier because that way you can treat them like any other armor items.

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Ok, I went a completely different way now.  I used a mesh from apachii wigs and attached it to my tail ( I don't wear stuff on my head, don't like losing my ears ) then I copied the argoanian fins I want into my meshes (so I can later give them a different texture than argonian hair), and assigned that mesh for the hair I normally used (which had no tri) 


This is with the fins as large as they can go with the slider





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