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adding breast and belly node scaling to piercing

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hi, i would like to know how to add this on piercings and all kind of armor for make them compatible with mod like milk mod economy or soulgem oven who increase breast and belly size, someone can help me?


sorry if i have posted in the bad section, i don't know where i must post :/

and sorry for my english i'm french ^^

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Use outfit studio. Open outfit studio select new project then select the body CBBE HDT or UNP HDT and hit ok then click and select the _0 nif you want to add nodes to and select it and hit finish then click on the bone node tab and hold down CTRL and click the breast nodes and belly nodes to select all those nodes at one time next click on the meshes tab and select all of the outfit nifs and go to shape - copy selected weights then shape - transfer selected weights. Then export nif repeat for the _1 nif.



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