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Hey everyone.  So I have had an idea for a mod, it is a work on progress but I will outline the basics.


This is a full quest series that I would like to implement all throughout the world with some new locations and utilizing some custom animations.


The basis of this mod would be receiving a note from the Vault Tec salesman informing you to meet a Dr. at a house in Sanctuary Pre War, before the alarm goes off.  It informs you that the Dr. has some reservations about Vault Tec as he was let go due to Radiation Research and its long term effects.  You find out he worked for vault tec and you soon realize he is crazy as hell, completely caught up in his work.  A mad scientist if you will.  You also realize that despite your marriage, he has become completely infatuated with you.  He explains his theory on mutations and states that he has singled out the cause on a cellular level.  He wants to protect you and insure you survive in the event that anything should happen.  He gives you a passphrase to his personal vault and wants you to come work with him.  You will be able to resist or sound interested, but as you begin to leave he injects you with some type of liquid. 


As you make your way back to your house and while your talking to your spouse, your character has a dizzy spell and doesn't feel quite right.  The alarm sounds and you make your way to the vault.  As you are frozen, your character begins having images of erotic scenes first with your spouse, then the doctor.  Over the years, you dream of nothing but mating.  Then the incident happens with your spouse, your dreams are flooded with revenge and violence which over more time turns erotic as well.  You wake up...


Filled with so many emotions, revenge, questions, and above all lust and desire.  Your only thought is to seek out the doctor, if he is still alive to find out what has happened to you so you can continue your quest.  You reach the doctors vault.


As you enter the vault you realize something is wrong.  The vault is in disarray, but you can tell something still lives here.  There are dead bodies laying about, cages and lab work, it all looks so surreal.  As you make your way into the heart of the vault, you see something in the shadows.  It calls to you.  Suddenly you are approached by an ugly mutated creature that resembles a human, and you soon realize its the doctor.   


He goes on to explain that his Cryo chamber failed about 10 years ago, and he has continued his research in the hopes that day you would awaken.  You question him about what he did to you, about what happened in Vault 111.  He states he injected you with a Antibody to the radiations effects.   He asks to check you out, as he states he is concerned for you for being frozen so long.  You soon realize he has other motives.   You are placed into a chair and he then injects you again with another liquid.  You are instantly filled with lust.  <Sex Scene with Dr.>


He then goes on to explain that what he injected you with is not an Antibody but the mutation itself.  Over the years your body has changed on a cellular level making you capable of adapting to any type of mutations.  You are the mutation.  He isn't sure of what it will do long term, but will keep an eye on you.   He then says to find out more, he would need a specific item from another vault he worked on before the war, and asks you to retrieve it.  You head out.


As you quests for the Dr. you unlock more and more powers and abilities.  He will try to control you, enslave you, will you turn the tables or succumb to his desires?  Much like the Perk Tree, this one is designed for the Broodmother.


Some of the abilities I have thought about are:


Mutations: where you can turn on/off certain mutations that give you powers


Time Control: where you can slow down or even stop time.


Breed:  Ability to breed with certain creatures and  humanoids.


This is just a rough idea and start, anyone can feel free to use this idea, I'm not  a modder but thought this would be a neat idea.  If someone wants to pick this up I would be more than happy to help with ideas.  I may give it a shot when the GECK comes out of nobody does want to try it.  Please let me know your feedback or ideas you might have for it as well.


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Looks very interesting.

Possibly in continuing with the Dr. and the breeding line, if you return to him he would experiment with a different mutagen each time giving you the need to breed with a different race or creature each time.


The first successful breeding could earn you a new perk that would be along the lines of the race. Like ghouls could be rad resistance. Supermutants maybe damage resistance. Deathclaws, unarmed bonus. Bloatflies could give a poison attack.

Or someone with a better imagination could come up with better perks. :lol:


As for an enslavement route, possibly the mutagens could over time have some sort of debilitating effect requiring you to return for some new experiment before being allowed the "antidote" to remove or temporarily relieve the debilitating effect.


There is also at least one mod in the works for a symbiotic type of "power" armor. Maybe a way to tie that in in later stages as well. Like after the breeding stages are over.

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Interesting story, but I've to say the Dr was a little ... wired and break the vanilla story.


So instead of a prewar Dr, I recomanded a post-war scientist, maybe the two in the science! center of DC? Or a super mutant scientist who were once a member of institute(like Vergil)?

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If you want to keep the pre-war injection theory, it could be one of the vault 111 doctors. After you were frozen the staff "in the know" moved through a now collapsed/inaccessible  hidden tunnel to their own vault.


Or possibly a little simpler, that he was part of the original planning so knew of the injections, but was always just in a separate vault meant to monitor your vault. Add something into the notes on the overseer's terminal to give you a hint as to why you are feeling this way and that maybe you should go check this other vault to see if there is some sort of cure. There you meet the mad mutated Dr.

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Yes I have a backstory for the Dr.  The Dr. was in the employ of Vault Tec.  He was responsible for helping make the vaults Rad resistant.  He was assigned there in Sanctuary to help with Vault 111 when his research in Radiation got him in trouble due to his findings.  He discovered the possible mutating effects and Vault Tec wanted to hush him about it.  As a result, they let him go, as Vault Tec feared that spreading rumors about mutations would scare the population and thus hurt its goal to bring people on board.  All this would be found out by the player, possible notes or letters.  This way it would tie the Dr. into the main story, give him purpose, and with his own private vault, make it plausible for him to survive as well. 


Another Idea I had was some custom animations for the breeding process.  Each creature, while unique, would have a custom sexual animation that would allow the player to Breed.  For example, you would start the animation, you would have a dialogue wheel that would allow you to move into different positions and in doing so, would allow you gain small amount of affinity toward that creature.  Just like your companions, you have a scale,  this same scale could be put in place to learn mutations, and skills.  At the lowest level, you would only know one animation and that's for base sex, as you get higher you learn more moves The affinity scale would be the same as regular companions, 0-1100.  So say at 200 you gain a new animation.  400 you would gain a skill, 600 another animation  800 a skill and so on.  As you get higher in affinity, your player gains certain creature traits such as with Super mutants, increased Strength, Mirelurks, you would be able to spit acid or possibly gain defense due to its shell mutation. 


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