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  1. Thanks for trying to help, but the more I read, the stronger my desire to switch back to CBBE. Too much fuck the user attitude from the mod author and it's being too much of a pain in the ass to get things to work right with this body. I like the way it works with animations, but everything else is too complicated with my lack of skills.
  2. So another stupid question then, how do I do the zaps? The only thing I changed was the body shape, then rebuilt everything in my BS folder using the batch build after saving/building the new body shape. Do I need to do something in outfit studio? Or is it something I may have blindly missed when building the outfits? I didn't do anything with the outfits themselves, like adding new or anything. They were all working 5 minutes before I opened BS and changed the shape. I use MO2, and have a BS overwrite folder with the built meshes in there at the bottom of my load
  3. You did come off as a jerk here and it reads that you are calling Reg sexist because he is the one that wrote the story and the lines. This is where the defensive attitude was triggered. Now you are "presuming" that it is all one sided without looking into anything further. Not asking if it was across the board, just "doubling down" on assuming and arguing. The first line comes across as you having an issue with males or male characters. After the ranting you have just done about equality and not singling out one sex, you come across as pretty
  4. I had all of my high heel outfits working with fusion girl body and custom shape I made then built in bodyslide working just fine. I went into bodyslide last night, moved some sliders around, and created a new body shape and then rebuilt everything. Now for some reason I have two feet. One in the heel, and one flat sticking out of the heel. This is on outfits that were working just fine until I made the new body preset. I think I had this when I first installed FG, but can not remember what I did to fix it, nor can I find a fix in my searching other than removing meshes or som
  5. I like the mod so far. 2 captures and 2 escapes to this point. Only issue I've seem to have had is I dumped my last weapon a little too close to the camp and they were still hostile. I walked out of range and back and all was good. I do have one complaint/question/how to/problem though. Is there a way to get rid of that damn high pitched "whistling" noise that makes my ears bleed? It is so constant during the group scenes and is really unbearable. It physically pains my ears and I have to take my headphones off until the scenes are done. Other than that one god aw
  6. I was late to finding Ivy. The current release is the first experience I've had with her so the robotic voice is the only one I really know for her. I do think it fits her and don't mind it at all. That said, the new va sounds awesome. With the new content it's going to be like an entire new follower for me. Really excited to get to see what is waiting to discover with the new version.
  7. That's the thing. I've run MO for years in Skyrim and I have had MO2 running in Fallout since it came out. I have always played a female character and just had male replacers that I just left as they were. I have rebuilt the females many times and done a bunch of armors and never had a problem. This is the first time I've tried doing anything with male bodies in bodyslide.
  8. Didn't get an image, but tried changing the belly weight pretty heavily giving them a beer belly sort of look. Did not change in game though. Edit: Got an image. After deleting everything in my bodyslide over write again and making sure it was not (nor anything else) over writing BT3 at all, then re-installing BT3, I was able to get the extreme body size to take. However, I still have the odd shaped genitals.
  9. This is probably just something stupid I'm missing on my part, but I am having an issue with the build not showing correctly in game. I run my mods through MO2 and everything has worked fine. I just got around to loading AAF into the game and the guide here said to go with Bodytalk males. I had been using Friffys males. I changed because of the guide suggestion, no biggie. First I had no erections. Searched and found that it needed to be built in bodyslide with the erection slider. Got that done. Amazingly it works in game now since I got it right. Here is my
  10. I actually like option C. The block isn't a bad one either. There is an impalement animation floating around on LL that is setup for SLAL. (It uses a long upright pole not the fire spit.) I believe Marie used part of it in her Shout Like A Virgin mod. I know there is the impalement in her mod, but not positive if she got it from Proxies animation. Possibly another option? Edit: She did use Proxies animation, it's in her credits.
  11. No real creation skills here but this is Ivy in my current game playing on her computer.
  12. Pay attention to what magazine it is. When you have cleared the area or in a safe zone, put it back into any container (safe, trash can, chest, etc...) and exit the container menu. Then just take it again and she will come up and talk about it. Your Ivy looks pretty hot by the way.
  13. I just found this thread the other day, and I have to say that I see a major issue with this idea....... There is no download button yet!!!! 🤣 I really like the ideas you are looking at. The progressive chances, the execution chance, just the whole idea in general. Seems like it will have a lot of the things I'm looking for without being huge and bloated. Definitely looking forward to trying this out when you get it up and running.
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