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What cause the shape of belly?


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I found a problem with a body, the belly shape and butt are weird (unnatural) they look sharp when I am using a slider (Scaling) Anyway, Morph slider is fine. Many mods use scaling slider for belly node, so I've to fix this. I want to know what causes the shape of belly when you are using slider, even I've reinstalled the whole game, this problem still occur :/   HDT? Body mesh? Skeleton?

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You need to give more info then this we do not like guessing. We have no clue what you have installed in your game. Post load order so it can be checked to see if you have something that might be conflicting/overwriting what skeleton are you using what body type are you using? Have you run LOOT for load order followed by TES5EDIT for the follow up? If it's a bodyslide body that you made have you tried redoing it to see if that fixed it?


Also this should of been posted in the tech support area and not the general area.


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