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Request for a modeler and a texture artist's help with a mod


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I'm trying to get files ready for a mod project I'm going to be making once the GECK is out, but I've run into a roadblock, only 3ds max 2016 can edit Fallout 4 nif files, I have 3ds max 2010, and I'm not a student anymore.  What I need help with at this time would be for a book model to be changed into a static mesh usable as a "door" into another area in the mod. "AnimObjectBook.nif" is the base mesh, I need a version of it laying open flat, like if it were on a table or podium.  I have the needed files to get a texture put together for it and can handle that myself, texture mapping will need to be separate for the 2 visible pages of the book(different texture on the left page from the right page).


This mod project is a Myst based Quest/settlement mod.


The second thing I would like to be able to have for early versions of the mod would be a new power armor type.  This is where both model and texture help is being requested.  The new power armor type is planned to be based on the Maintainer's armor(the bulkier variant) from Uru.  I would like to also have multiple paintjobs for the armor available for each of the guilds that were active for players to join in Myst Online: Uru Live.  This would total about 6 different textures for each power armor piece.

This is the only picture I could find of the armor that the Power armor should be based on(details can be discussed if someone decides to help)


maintainer-suit.jpg  Guild Logo's would go on the pauldrons, the middle circle on the helmet is the headlamp  I can get more screenshots if needed



when the GECK comes out I'll be mostly working on the mapping of the mod myself.

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