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Headless Hayabusa?


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I have a question.


I tried swapping Hayabusa using Autolink with a female model.

The swap is ok and the game loads, but the model is headless.

i know that Hayabusa doesnt load a separate head mesh and i thought that the .c file will solve it.

(used nyotengu's file since it loads face and head meshes sepaeate from body like all the other chars)

the files used in gor hayabusa's autolink directory are:










Any ideas guys??

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I am not an expert with Autolink but did the -P file is needed too maybe ?


Except that, I know a lot of Hayabusa models have the face included in body tmc so do you really need to swap the face ? (On side note, I guess yes but what is your goal exactly ?)

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As a matter of fact they dont,

the only swap that worked was the imported Bayonetta model since it had the head attached to the body mesh which is the case with hayabusa tmc meshes.

thx for taking time to reply anyways Lola.

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