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keyboard fallout 3


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hello everybody :)

I downloaded fallout 3, my keyboard is QWERTY but I changed to bring it into AZERTY in the keyboard settings but in the game my keyboard is still in QWERTY . A solution to change the keybord game to AZERTY please ?

thanks :)

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as far as I know, the type of keyboard depends by the language your game is, based by your country. so if theoretically you put on steam the right language, you'll have the right keyboard, except for few mistakes they made.

Your best deal could be changing the key bind on the main menu of the game and put the keys you prefer, the other solution implies using geck and change keys from the settings there

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So basically if I put the game in french with the patch french, There are likely to have the keyboard in AZERTY ? But my real problem is not the keys to move or other (I use my controller for that I am more comfortable with a joystick x)) but when I using the console, the keyboard is in QWERTY and to type it's a problem. And I also noticed that I can not use the console when my controller is connected (when I press, nothing happens), I have to disconnect the controller, enter my code and reconnect the controller x). Otherwise there's a mod to change the keyboard ?

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Exactly, for everything you said. If you're french, it should put azerty automatically, but console will stay qwerty. And as far as I know, there's no workarounds, it's hardcoded. Same for the controller issue, I always have heard of people disconnecting it to put code. Maybe with Lutana could be possible to make some workaround, but not using a controller I couldn't even test what I write, so I'll pass on this one.


If it conforts you, there are countries with worse conditions... Beth decided we italians had to use AZERTY even if we use and always used QWERTY, so when the game tells "press A" we must press Q, etc. after a while you take the habit, it's fine, but can you figure the pain I had to mod this? had to do my own patch to write properly! :)


At least my console commands are writing fine... :lol:

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