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object space normal map in female head


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I have a doubt about some texture i saw in FO4.


I notice the female head, have a _C.dds texture, and i looks like a object normal map and not tangent like the rest, but i don't see this in the material file, notice that there is a _msn.dds map that looks like a object space too.


Were is the value for this textures? I don't see it in the material file and in the nif file.

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Cell, I think that too, but them i notice the _C.dds with object space normal map in some face retexture, them i check the original files, and there was a _C.dds file too, and even a _msn.dds file... I talk to the modder, he said he changed it until he found a nice result.


I could be wrong (most probably), but i think this could be used to make the SSSSSSSssss..... that fo4 use, if i could find the value were this _C.dds is maybe we could add another map for the body, is just theory of course, but maybe there is something there.

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