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Skyrim quest papyrus/alias help, please!

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Hi folks,


I am kindly asking some amazing person to help me as I am going mad here after about 6 hours solid on Creation Kit and every tutorial video/forum out there.  I'm just trying to give some plain old Blue Mountain Flowers to my wife Taarie.  I'm doing this as an add-on to the marriage quest RelationshipMarriageFIN by adding additional stages between 25 and 200.  In game, the new dialogue works perfectly (I am hashing together new lines using vanilla voice acting), and quest stages and objectives are setting- evidently this means my scripts are compiling- but it still will not give her the flowers.  I know I've got the right item ID in my inventory because I have made the dialogue option conditional upon having it, and this works.  I have not put any scripts on objects or actors.  I am therefore assuming the problem might lie in how I am creating the reference aliases?  Here are my papyrus fragments:


In dialogue view:

(I know for a fact this script has compiled because I am getting a new quest objective in game.)
In quest stages view:
Game.GetPlayer().RemoveItem(Alias_MountainFlower01Blue.GetReference(), 1, False, Alias_Taarie.GetReference())
Debug.notification("Blue Mountain Flower removed")


(I know for a fact this script is compiling because I get the debug notification in game.)


Quest Aliases:

"MountainFlower01Blue", optional, referenced to object MountainFlower01Blue, level easy at NONE (have tried in Player, to no avail)

"Taarie", optional, referenced to unique actor Taarie


I can provide screenshots of my detailed CK settings if you think that might help fix the problem. I'm sure I'm missing something blindingly obvious.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to help. :)



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