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Infinite penile stretch

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My situation,


Just noted that Lord Sheogorath's male genitalia stretches into inifinite time and space 


granted a sexual intercourse all the while such occasion, oddly enough to all the other npcs


and their genitals, does not occur and seem to work fine and have been set up correctly in accordance


with sexual involvement on their part. Proper tips of wisdom in addition to this post any suggestions for fixes


and how to approach in this matter, I will thank.



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That's "funny", all NPCs use the same lower body during sex, so normally male NPCs should have a stretched penis.

Reason : you have installed a Mod after LAPF which has overwritten the LAPF skeleton


Read my yellow Link below how to fix it.

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Yes. fejeena is correct the only way a body part stretches is because the skeleton is incorrect for the body used. This is the same for Fallout, Skyrim or any other gamebro game.


Anytime you experience a stretched body part (any part or parts) reinstall the proper skeleton that should solve most if not all issues like this and an quick easy check for yourself.


FYI... we all have done this, some more than others :P.. It is an easy thing to do in the process of installing mods. ;).

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