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DOA5LR - Question about mods


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was planning on installing mods, but first I wanna know if this mods (clothes/armor) here in LL are replacer and retexture or additional slots for armor/clothes?


EDIT: Wouldn't be great if you can swap the model body female into a existing male character? (well minus the voice). Been there in Street Fighter mods where you can swap some male character into female but retain the actual fighting animations..

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You can install any of the mods here as replacers or extras, replace with archive tool or lnk reshuffle, or add as extras with dlc mods/game crack, or make dlc packs with dlc tool. LGMODS is working on animation swaps but it's complex, and not all work in any way smoothly. I'd guess the problems would increase with sex changes lol.

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Swap male to female or vice versa is not so easy since the game keep the skeleton base of the character.

It mean if you swap Ayane on Hayate as example, Ayane will have a deformed body and even more for face.

with the recent advanced face swap it could be possible to have a clean face swap on male maybe, for body this is something else.

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