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How do I actually get uunp?


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Although you're using bodyslide. Best get a UNP compatable body texture and armor mods, which you'll find on nexus and here if you search a little. Although bodyslide will allow you to install both CBBE and UUNP bodies and sliders, If you try to mix n match CBBE body with UNP texture, weirdness will likely ensue. 

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Not sure what you already know, so I'll start at the beginning (and I'm no expert). As sshadow said above, download the BodySlide program here or Nexus. I found BodySlide a little confusing at first and I still don't know what I'm doing half the time. :)  I'll assume you'll want big boobs, etc., so just worry about the right-side sliders if your body is going to be 100 weight in game. I'm not going to go through how to use BodySlide - just mess with it - but you'll see some popular body shapes to choose from as starting points, or select "Zeroed Sliders" and start fresh.


BODY MESHES - After you build your body in BodySlide and hit "build", It places two mesh body files in Data\Meshes\actors\characters\characterassets -  femalebody_0.nif and femalebody_1.nif ( "0" weight and "100" weight respectively).  Your new body is now the default for ALL female NPC's in the game. You won't see that when they're dressed (unless you have / use "converted" vanilla clothes), but you will see it when taking their clothes or armor off and they go nude. Look for different clothes / armor "BodySlide Conversions" (some stuff was originally CBBE, but converted to be used on a UNP-based body). You'll probably want to make  / select "UUNP HDT" so you get bouncy boobs. HDT is a newer tech of BBP or TBBP. Research the difference.


I always use a custom race for my character - in my case Lunari - so that my body is unique. Same with followers. Most newer follower mods have a separate body mesh sub-directory to have a unique body as well. You'll need to look at your directory structure in order to find where that might be - the is no "default" per se. Look for follower's name.


So when you want a unique body for your character / follower - in BodySlide, after you create your new bod, hold down "CTRL" and click build. That now places the body mesh files under Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide . Move or copy the femalebody_0.nif and femalebody_1.nif files into the respective directories for your new character or follower.


Now, if you're happy with your new body, save it as a preset. That will open a dialog box in BodySlide - give it a unique name and notice that there are check boxes below the name. If you have downloaded some UUNP BodySlide clothes / armor files, they may be listed there. Check boxes such as "Unified UNP", "UUNP HDT", any BodySlide clothes or armor that's listed and "Unassigned".  Just so you know, not all BodySlide / UUNP "conversion" files are equal. Some just plain stink. Trial and error. Some, such as the Shitty Bikini Armor's work and fit great. After a bit of time, you'll figure it out.


TEXTURES - In addition to what others said above, UNP (UUNP) skin texture "layouts" are different than CBBE. That's why CBBE textures look weird on a UNP / UUNP body. You'd need a program like Photoshop to see the diff.  Now, as with the meshes, "custom" stuff has a separate directory for their skin textures as well. Let's say you want to use a custom race and skin texture.  In BodySlide, when you click "preview", you'll be looking at the default / vanilla skin texture -  femalebody_1.dds  -  that's located in  Data\Textures\Actors\character\female . But you (example) downloaded a skin texture with giant nipples you want to use. Again, that new texture needs to placed into your new race or follower texture directory.  And what I do is place a copy of the new texture in the "default" directory I just mentioned, but remember to rename it to femalebody_1_Alexi.dds (whatever) so as not to overwrite the default.  Now, when you want to make a new body and see your new texture on it, go to the default texture directory,  rename femalebody_1.dds to something else, and rename femalebody_1_Alexi.dds  to femalebody_1.dds. Now start up BodySlide and choose your saved preset. You can see your new texture on your new body and make adjustments if necessary. Just remember to change the texture names back to what they were before starting your game.


Hope this helps somewhat. I may have missed something, so if you're still confused - especially after reading what I wrote - LMK. I'll try to help.







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