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Mesh Problem


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Trying to create a quick mashup using some resources from the game, remodeled armor, swamp hide im running into a bit of a issue al that shows in game is the belt outside of game both in bs and nifscope i have a top and panties like i want. Im clueless so posting here in hopes some kind soul knows how to get my main get some clothing back on.


What it should look like.





And it ingame.







The offending mesh bodyslide base

Sexy Swamp Hide Curraiss.nif

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Not seeing anything out of the ordinary. Did you redo the BSLightingShaderProperty/BSShaderTextureSet in it? I have had a few items appear invisible in game when copying the BSLightingShaderProperty line and pasting it into a new scene root so that I could texture a item. But loading the file up into nifskope then right clicking on the BSLightingShaderProperty line and going to block - copy branch right click again block - delete branch right click scene root block - paste branch then save as then looked at it in the CS (creation kit) and it was no longer invisible.

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Dunno what's different but I did the next try a bit different first time i loaded a original edited mesh of the top with the bottom and a different belt then loaded the remodeled leather armor deleting the components i didn't want.


This time I imported the leather armor first deleted all the parts i didn't want then loaded the bs mesh i made awhile ago for a different mashup same top/panties deleted the belt reshaped the strap over he left arm slightly checked sliders and saved the project.


Looks perfect now i'm happy I may have to make up a mod based off of this armor ill seek permissions a bit later right now time to go get payback on some bandits that thought they could sell Rylie into slavery and live she's a vampire now and will take sweet revenge. The ditry looking skins just because shes not a friend of the sun anymore and its coming up.





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