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How do I create brand new armour and clothes?


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Hello LoversLab community,

It is me again, the guy that wont stop asking for tutorials... you know what they say; never stop learning.


Once again I have run into the all too familiar problem of looking for a mod for something only to find nobody has made it yet.

And so once again I have decided it'd be better if I just made the mod myself, that way I get exactly what I want.


So here is the request. I would like to know how to make an armour/clothing item from scratch. no editing of a pre-existing model/mesh, no re-texturing, completely brand new. I am experienced in blender, so I can handle the modelling of the new kit. I also know my way around the creation kit but I may need a little help with CC. What I really need to know is how I go from model created in blender, to wearable equipment in-game.


As always anything I make out of this that I deem reasonably good I will be sure to upload for you all to enjoy.




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