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Romance mod (idea)

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Hello modding community of loverslab, 


I write this with the idea I've been having for quite some time now, but writing only an idea without actually contributing something to a possible mod always discouraged me; that has changed now since I can actually contribute something :P


Without further ado,

the idea I've been walking around with for quite some time now is a new romance mod, so why another romance mod/or what makes this idea so unique?

Well....my main problem with the existing romance mods that they mostly require the dragonborn to actually take the dominant lead, eg : talking to npc's to initate sex.


What I want to create is a romance mod that plays around your followers, and npc's versus npc's (random events) in which the npc's/followers take the initiative. (I kinda wanted to add spouses, but to be honest spouses enhanced comes pretty close to what I want so I don't see a need to add that).


So to list a few things I want to add :


- Random hugging event in which your follower(s) get to hug u, increasing arousal state and a small % amount of chance of leading into a sex act.  (this can also happen to npc's with random events)

- Random event based on arousal state in which your follower(s) comes to u and asks u to relieve their sexual needs. (based on arousal, dialogues may vary) 

- Relationship system which adds points and will affect dialogues and animations.

- Followers can seduce u, and npc's can seduce each other (followers will give priority to seducing the player) in which u/they can accept or deny (accepting will start a sex act); if arousal state is high enough the system might ignore the player's deny with a higher % chance and start an act anyway.

- Short random kisses of affection based on relation, (which other npc's/follower will initate, also raises relationship status by a tiny bit)

- Slap on the butt, with different reactions (giving a bitch slap back  :P, or actually enjoying it; a higher relationship status increases enjoyment chance).


These are just some of the ideas I want to implement.


So what can I contribute?

Well, since I recently figured out how to animate I can create the animations for the things I listed.


For the ideas I just listed I planned to create 4 hugging animations (1 normal from the behind, 1 normal from the front, and 1 sensual one for the front and 1 for behind).

Seducing animations, these are quite broad but I plan on creating at least 3/4 different ones.

Short kissing animations planted on forehead, cheeks and mouth. so 3 different ones.

Slap on the butt which will be just be one animation, how the girls (or maybe guys) react will also have at least 2 different animation outcomes.


Although my focus for this idea was based on npc's/followers taking initiative on the player, this system will also provide the player with either hotkeys or spells eventually.


For this idea I had there is just one problem..... I don't know shit about scripting  :P.

If anyone wants to collaborate with me and create something equal/highly similiar in the terms I listed I would greatly appreciate it. :D


Other ideas and suggestions are also always welcome.

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i have always wanted to write a sex/romance story so if i can help please let me know...been wanting to write dialog for a mod for a while now..and i would be happy to help out any way i can..plus i know a few gals that might give voice to a mod as well 

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i have always wanted to write a sex/romance story so if i can help please let me know...been wanting to write dialog for a mod for a while now..and i would be happy to help out any way i can..plus i know a few gals that might give voice to a mod as well 


Dialog isn't the main problem right now, but I literally have zero experience with python (I believe scripting with skse uses python?, for now I'm just an animator)

If you know how to write events/triggers based on conditions using skse scripting, the main problem is already taken care of.

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i am just starting to look into that ...and yes i think your right it does use python..but i need a lot more work on that side..i am still writing short dialog bits..but hit me up so i can tell you how its going 

Well if you want to try it out, I'd be happy to create animations related to (some if not all of) my ideas.

Just reply here or via PM if you got some progress in python, and want to try a hand at making a mod for skyrim  :lol:

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i have all your stuff in my skyrim game...its great..i am just starting out with things but my one love is to write..my kids tell me to keep writing all the time..so thats what i am doing..my good things almost write themselves.but i am trying other outlets for my muse..i think its wonderful that you can animate..like to try my hand at that one day..we need more girl dominate..or girl rapes guy or girl rapes girl..i guess i am saying we need more aggressive girl animation.now that would be cool  

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Is this being worked on? :D Just wondering (because I do feel the need for a sort of more realistic romance/sim dating mod myself. Was even thinking of getting into modding/scripting myself for it.

I still don't have any scripting experience, so apart from animating from my part, no there's not being worked on.

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