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Making my own replacer armor, but still have problem


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I just need a little help for my custom armor replacer.

I learned, i can make my own replacer without esp, just move the meshes/textures i needed in skyrim/data.


I replace the barkeeper clothes with the meshes of another mod armor.

I can see the boots, the gauntlets, but the dress still invisible for me.... no bug texture just invisible.


Someone know where is the problem?



Thanks for helping, and sorry for bad english!

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In the Nif the wrong body part is set.

You must assign the same slot in the Nif, as defined in the ESP / ESM.

Look at the setting in the Nif to which you want to replace.

I think Slot 32.


The slot can be set in BSDismemberSkinInstance -> Partinions (in Nifskope)

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