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Network timing out

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   This is probably not the place for this, and I know it is likely an issue on my end, but I am hoping somebody might have some insight into fixing this.


   For the past month or so I have been unable to download anything from this site. When I click to download I am taken to the standard `Opps something went wrong` page telling me to wait 10 seconds and refresh, regardless of whether or not I had waited 10 or more seconds before clicking to start the download. So I wait, I refresh, the download starts, but quickly loses all speed and eventually stopping altogether, telling me the download failed - Network Error. I have tried using Chrome, Firefox, and the latest version of IE(I know, I know, worth a shot though) all with the same results. Navigation of the site has also become a problem. Trying to access some pages, doesn't matter which, will sometimes result in endless loading. But then randomly I can go there with no issue.


    I doubt this is a widespread problem, I haven't read any threads about this issue, so its gotta be on my end. I just do not know what else to try. I have cleared my history and cache, all my internet settings seem fine, nothing has changed on my end, and it used to work without a hitch. What really gets me is that this problem only seems to happen on this site. Downloading from anywhere else works like normal. Is there something I`m not thinking of? Something obvious I`m just overlooking? Any help would be appreciated, and I do apologize is this is in the wrong section.

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Guest MonsterFish

Kind of a stupid question and I doubt you do since you've pretty much tried everything, but are you trying to download more than 1 thing at once? When the countdown to 0 starts you can't start another countdown or it'll not download.

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