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This file is hidden from the public because of bad experiences wich I already explained on my blog. If you want access to it send a pm.


First this mod is created for the Demonica [Lilith/Eve] race, if you don't use this race, this mod isn't for you...if you don' t convert it yourself.


Demonica 2.1.1


add a craftable necromancer styled dress to the game with shoes, cape, gloves, stocking hood and two dresses (long and short skirt), you can find them in the forge under 'Demonica-Lilith'.
there are two versions one with Corundum, Amethyst, dark bones and purple design
and one with Gold, Emerald, light bones and green design.


Update 1.0
Add a Hood for each color version. Also add a option to craft that hard-to-find poison. Craftable now at the cooking pot.


Update 2.0
Add Eve Body Version.


Update 2.1
updated metal and gem versions, add new jewelry Full description for version 2.1


There are two different versions:

  • DEM Necrotica.esp, the normal version
  • DEM NecroticaSkyRe.esp, for Skyrim Redone users
  • Only use one esp at the same time! Do I really have to say this? :huh:

The Skyrim Redone version requires T3nd0s Skyrim Redone
this version mark the cape, gloves and dress as Dreamclothes, also change the crafting requirements for the dress.
To craft them you need the Weaving Mill perk (smithing) and materials from the Harvest perk (conjuration).


Cape use slot 44
Stocking use slot 46


Known Issues or Bugs

  • The long skirt got some clipping during walk animations specially in the lower part of the skirt. Thats because the demonica skeleton don't support long skirts. Using the stockings at the same time make it less irritating. If that is not your cup of tea, don't drink it, or use the mini dress.
  • the stockings use the demonica highheel system, so if you only equip them without shoes it looks a little irritating, cause the character walks tiptoe (the other option was to have the lower part clip trough the foot and ground)

Optional Downloads

  • Modders Resources to recolor the colored parts of the dress (if you prefer another color then the puple and green version)
  • 4k texture pack, oh yeah, for the bones and dress textures (the bone were scaled down to 2k the dress is not scaled it just looks more 'coarse' or 'rough', don't know whats the right word to explain it, just see pic below, 2k left 4k right)




Krista for creating Demonica [Lilith] and Lady Victoria Secret
GSBmodders for creating Demonika HGEC
BayouBilly for creating Yggdrasill
Alecu for creating Elegant Dress


You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of
this mod.


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Looks great though I did a bit of changing mainly to the if you don't use this race, this mod isn't for you part. 


First I converted the outfits to UNPCM then removed the bodies and replaced them with the UNPCM body added TBBP and a belly node to the outfits after that I removed any dependencies that I didn't need or want. Only thing I wasn't able to modify were the heels but I just use a different one instead.






Keep up the great work.


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The full sentence would be something like: ...if you don' t convert it yourself  ;) , its just there to prevent questions why this race is required.

I guest the problem with the heels is that they would need some kind of hh system, idk if there is one out there for other bodys.

Nice work, you did there.



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Ty actually the problem with the heels is that they use the LB/Demonica foot mesh and trying to convert them with the clothing converter causes everything to get destroyed and even if I was able to convert them I would still need to have a foot mesh that is the same as the LB/Demeonica one in shape and what not to use to replace the LB/Demonica one because even though a body or foot using a different UV is converted to the body you are using the converted mesh would still be using the LB/Demonica UV maps so the textures would still be messed up which is why I had to remove the LB/Demonica body after conversion and replace them with my players body.

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The clothing convert scans UV maps and all of the little white lines on a body/body part as well as the skeleton for something. Then when you run the clothing converter it uses everything that it scanned to try to convert it to what you want. Stuff with matching UV maps convert better then things with different UV maps like UNP/CBBE will convert different because of different UV maps.


The UNPCM body is from halofarm http://mod.dysintropi.me/unpcm/ and is pretty much just like the UNP body except that the mesh is updated breasts are made less pointy looking it was made with a better skeleton so no flaws and bugs like the original UNP body better textures. So there shouldn't be any seam problems with UNP.


The main problem with the shoes was that the feet used the LB/demonic body textures so if anyone wears it other then someone using the LB/demonic body the textures would be messed up.


The tattoo on the heel is actually on players butt.






Downloaded made copies and renamed and changed the texture paths for the one set and checked them out and they look great and no seam at all. Thank you very much.






Main difference from UNP and UMPCM. I don't have a max size since I only use the min size body for conversions so I just made a copy of the minimum size body and renamed it to _1





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you're welcome



the scan of the uv map and edges explains everything  :) LB and Demonica (two complete different bodys with different UV maps btw) are not even close the the CBBE/UNP UV map.

I just fit the shoes to the feet from the link.



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