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DOA5LR Lady's parts


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been awhile since I've seen anything on this. Is there any updates?

Too busy recently, our company has a deadline to release a new game. But I will have perfect part for each lady.



glad to see that ,take your time , i'm willing to wait to see this awesome mods :)

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I use this game in combination with a rubber pussy. The lose scenes are really great for this (especially Momjis :) ). So this mod would be really awesome for me. Thx for your work



This is possibly the first example of 'too much information' I've ever encountered in a modding thread! AWESOME.

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He didn't DO IT! He let his dream be dreams and therefore, didn't believe in Shia Labeouf's inspiration. He gave up. :P



(Oops, just joined in the pointless bumping of this dead thread, but the paraphrasing of that ridiculous video always makes me laugh so hard)

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