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  1. A pantyless version of Kokoro costumes I would like to download these are my favorite costumes. When I want pantyless is pantyless without mutilations in original costumes.
  2. I liked it, especially the costumes of Ayane. Like so: costumes hiding above and shows everything what's underneath. I would like to download the schoolgirl costumes for all the girls if you do, Raz.
  3. I think you was inspired by the second chapter of Lola XD I wish it had mods for Saints Row 2, 3 and 4 because in this forum doesn't have sex mods for these games.
  4. Thanks a lot for the info! tengu geta then... Regarding that dildo-bat, yeah, SR weapons are stupidly ridiculous and funny! lol. Btw, It was really difficult to get that damn mesh, the search was really long and hard edit: I couldn't avoid to remember this video . Surprisingly similar to doa's situation... I wish it had mods for Saints Row 2, 3 and 4 because in this forum doesn't have sex mods for these games.
  5. I don't know if you thought about it, NiteGuardian, but I'm going to suggest to create a Complete Nude Mod versions with simple tattoos.
  6. One thing I would suggest is that Timmy develop a tool that allows modders to import or create clothes more easily. Who is not aware Blender, 3DS Max or other software will suffer enough only in confusing tutorials.
  7. Here you should have sex mods for Saints Row 2, 3 and 4 because the site is in need of these mods.
  8. http://www.lustfulillumination.com/news/it-starts-to-shine/
  9. And I'm waiting for the version that is not topless and would be better if all the girls had a version of pantyless costume.
  10. The list would be more interesting if it had games in which the female protagonist became pregnant.
  11. As I said in previous posts "I'm looking forward to download this costume.".
  12. Sadly its very common, i mean it look like our fatest work is more appreciated than our hardest one lol. keep up your good work anyway ! U are totally right but I really have a lot of fun to doing this, so after all, it doesn't matter Verhoven69 -> I'll make your Ayane. What do you want ? (i've already recreated the body meshes for this outfit). I'm surprised that no one done this before me. This is a really easy mod to make Chudoi 21 -> Take the tmcl, c and p of the topless mod. it's the same files. I do this to keep low size archives (6.46 mo just for the tmc
  13. I recently discovered that the game Roundscape Adorevia, the female protagonist can become a prostitute after discovering that his mother also prostitutes herself to pay the bills. It would be interesting if this topic became a list for post players seek a game with the theme.
  14. Only one detail I forgot to mention. When I refer to prostitution, I do not mean to prostitution in which his protagonist sells her body for money, but also sells body for information and favors.
  15. Verhoven69, I forgot a detail on pantyless versions of outfits that are missing. The costumes have to be pantyless, but without changing the original costume (can not be topless, costume with smaller, transparent...). The work is very simple just get this costume Kokoro, for example, delete the underwear, apply the texture and save.
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