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Fixing .nif's in Nifskope

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I'm kinda new to using nifskope, and I'm figuring things out on my own as I go (since not a lot of guides are available)

One of the things I'm seeing is that when I open the eyes, I look and see "right eye" even when I'm opening a left eye mesh. Is that normal? If not, how do I change it?

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NiMaterialProperty is what says Right Eye. It even does on yours. It just kinda confused me a bit.

Anyways, I ended up getting rid of Beautiful People. I'm never going to use any of the races it adds. I just don't like them, after looking at racial traits in CS. So, I'm now using OCO and CWSOO. Which, btw, I love the combination :3

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The NiMaterialProperty name  is  unimportant. I have other nifs with Name left eye. But I think it must "left eye" or "right eye" so that the nif ues the eye textures ( like NiMaterialProperty Name "Skin" in Body Nifs) but not sure.

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Idk. I got everything sorted out as far as my play through goes. Maybe one of these days when I've had a few hits (hehe) I'll get into making a patch that works for all 3 of these mods together (OCO/BP/ColourWheel's Sexy Oblivion Overhaul) and post it here and on the Nexus. They all have some nice features, that if a patch was made to get them working together, could be pretty neat :3

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