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NPC Visual Transfer Tool by ThreeTen - Made Easy 簡単に


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This is a TES5Edit Patcher (Similar to SkyProc - but utilizing TES5Edit functionality)
This Requires TES5Edit 3.1.0 or higher.



What Does This Patcher Do?
Take any humanoid NPC you find in-game and perfectly transfer its visuals onto any other NPC by creating an override and modifying its record info. (Which is saved to a single esp which I control).  My hope is that users who are not familiar with CK and who prefer a different visual style can populate the NPCs of their world by using visually similar standalone NPCs provided by the nexus.  This also allows users to enjoy any fully fleshed out NPC mod (custom voices/quests etc.) without worrying about the visuals as they can change it to whatever suits them.

Even better is that at any point in time you can change/remove these visuals without any risk to your savegame and, if uninstalled via my script, your data folder.


  • No need to open or use the Creation Kit at all.
  • I Handle all FaceGenData management, so you don't need to manually extract/move/rename/remove any FaceGenData.
  • Remove the need to keep the plugin of the NPC who has the visuals you want (although you will have to keep the modfolder active, as I still need the assets the mod provide).
  • ---ex. Used the visuals of NPC_A inside of PluginA.esp - After patching, PluginA.esp can be disabled as new records referencing all of NPC_A's assets were created.
  • Ability to merge NPCs tweaks and visuals.
  • --By this I mean that if you find a follower who's visuals you like, but does not support the NPC modifications currently on that character that was provided by, say USKP, then you can use this tool to merge the visuals of the follower with the changes from USKP. To do this just select the same NPC in both columns when transferring! 
  • Each merge takes about 15-30 seconds to complete.

If you wish, you can technically turn lydia into a dragon, or a goat, or a mudcrab, but due to the way skyrim handles humanoid to non-humanoid dialogue, you will need AFT or a similar follower manager to talk to certain NPCs, and for some, talking to them will be impossible without adding additional scripts to them (which is currently beyond the scope of this mod).  

I have utilized the .tes5pas method so users can download and install straight from the nexus, without worrying about manually moving anything!

Instructions on how to install and how to patch is provided as a text file in the zip file
They are also Provided Here:
How To Install TES5Edit 3.1.0
How To Install And Run For Mod Organizer
How To Install And Run For Everyone Else

Note: You may have to set Tes5edit and ModOrganizer to run as administrators for .tes5pas scripts to work. If all else fails you can move all of the .pas scripts into Tes5edit's "edit scripts" folder and run it the old fashioned way, which if you are having this problem be sure to let me know!

Have fun, and post screenshots of your changes!

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