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MPC24 or how it can work, without known japan language.


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Maybe its wrong topic, but anyway..

Hi guys, someday i search pretty companions mods. And find this http://bbs.3dmgame.com/thread-3660463-1-1.html

i know its something like race, but in this mod you can create custom follower with you choosen hair brows and another thing. But problem in this mod next; spellconfig contains japan words, but idk how read becase this word not correctly displayed. second problem, this mod dont contains ini file.

Maybe anyone know how translate, or know english version ?!

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Translating a esp : Eggtranslator displays the text correctly and can auto translate original game texts. New Mod texts you must copy and translate with Google or other translators.

most japanese will be in the scripts ( the menu text)

If you change the script you must compile the script with CS. Mod needs OBSE( use OBSE script commands) so you must start CS with OBSE ( better use CSE) or you can not save the scripts.

CS/CSE with OBSE read my yellow Link below.


Why a ini ? If you create the companion in game ( all Settings in game) why Settings in an ini ?

Or do you mean a Readme/instructions? http://bbs.3dmgame.com/showtopic-1124607.html



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oh thanks about this way, now im try do it.

about ini, before you say im think that ini created after game setting is confirmed, now i know its a wrong

anyway it all that i want know thx

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