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5:0000065434 Steam Error with Oblivion

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So I've determined that this is not an issue with Mod Organizer, this is an issue with Steam. There are posts all over the place with people getting this error trying to load Oblivion from anywhere but directly through Steam.

The desktop shortcut doesn't work.

Oblivion.exe doesn't work through Wrye Bash

Oblivion.exe doesn't work through Mod Organizer


I have to either open up Steam and launch from the library, or right click on the Steam icon in my tray and load from there. 

Has anyone found a way around this?

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Ugh. I found a couple of suggested fixes:

1) find a cracked .exe and copy it into the folder......Nope, didn't work

2) Uninstall Steam, restart, reinstall Steam................Nope, didn't work

3) Take ownership of the Oblivion Folder..................Nope, didn't work



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You mean the force logout/log in? No. It's the .exe file for the Steam version that's not the issue, not Steam itself. 

Works fine when launched through steam. using the .exe in any form OUTSIDE of steam? nope

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Tried it. Anywhere else it won't work, and I get the error. I've installed it in the same folder on my SSD that Skyrim, and both Fallout's are installed in, and I get the error. As soon as it goes into Program Files(x86) works perfect. 

Besides, all of the permissions issues that are mentioned most places, I don't have to worry about. I don't run standard Win 7. I'm running Ultimate 7 x64, stripped down to barebones. 99% of those security features aren't even turned on.

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If all works fine it's ok. Was just a warning.

But many People have Problems with Oblivion in Program Files(x86)  ( often with OBSE and "archive invalidate" )

And as I said you must move Oblivion AND Steam in another Folder.


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