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A musical treasure chest for you...


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Yes, a fucking treasure chest on Youtube. Had paid quite a bit of money to buy some of these albums through years, not to mention most of them were out of print, and now you can listen it all for free. Doubt there'll be much of interest here, but great stuff nonetheless if you like film scores or the music of Ennio Morricone.




If you're planning to listen to it all then I recommend starting from the bottom.




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Some scores have the trailer or the entire film in their playlists, although in Italian. "La Cugina (The Cousin)" has been one of my favorites, though I never knew what the film was about. It's got a funny trailer...


La Cugina... featuring Dat Ass. :D 





What the hell?! :lol:



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ah, so he's the composer of "once upon a time in west", that's why I heard that name before...

Great movie, and great soundtrack.




His song is really suited for the movie theme.



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