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So I just validated my account, went to add an avatar and it said "Member_Profile_Disabled" I also cannot change my profile info other than password, email and ignore preferences. I am sorry if I am too noob. Or if I missed a thingy that said restrictions for a certain amount of time. I also saw no "HALP!!!!!!" button. Much appreciated Baron Von Schussenburgh.

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Guest endgameaddiction

These restrictions are in place mainly for bots/spammers. I don't rememeber the post count for each to be unlocked, but it's really not much. 10? I would start off by http://www.loverslab.com/topic/36981-say-hi/introducing yourself and work your way with the basics like Hot Topic section and at the bottom Big Board of Fun on recent topics. And go from there.

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Screenshot threads are also a way to increase your post count without spamming the forum.  Find a shot you like and praise the uploader (they love that).

Somehow this made me laugh...hard. Thanks, Kendo :D

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