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Outfit Studio Problem - created outfit makes body misplaced from head and hands


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Hi everyone! I have been trying to add tbbp to some outfits through bodyslide following the tutorials, but when i then take on the created outfit in game, my body gets missplaced from my head and hands. My body with the new outfit becomes thus few centimeters away from my head and arms.


Don't know what to do. Please help

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Would be better if you posted screenshots so people know what the problem looks like. I know UNP has flaws in the body. I convert UNP armors and if I want to run those armors through mesh rigger to add TBBP I have to first throw away the UNP body that is in the converted piece and replace it with a copy of my players body or I have transfer the outfit/armor pieces from the converted piece to a copy of my players body. UNP bodies will shift in different directions inside the nif newer UNP bodies don't have this flaw like 7BASE.

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You may need to open up the outfit's AA entry in its ESP and reassign its model. Some of my outfits have had an issue where generating new meshes to replace the old ones led to the game only using the max weight mesh until I did that.

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