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Mixing up meshes and textures

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What if I wanted to use a look of something and I wanted an npc/follower to have that same look, would it be possible to just copy and paste their meshes/textures? Or does that require much more? For example I like a look of an npc, but it requires another mod/dlc I don't want. Could I just take that one's meshes and textures, rename them, and just put them in another working mod?

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Big can of worms, and no, there are many considerations, ranging from requirements of source and target, to learning curves required for some of the conversion software that may be involved. There is also the point of ownership and permissions to consider. I started to delve into this a little while ago, but not far enough to pile a series of well-ordered links here for you. Perhaps some other kind individual will do so. Just make sure you obtain any required permissions before you publish anything.


If the above scary paragraph doesn't unintentionally deter you, then I wish you a great experience. Modding is a very self-rewarding endevour. :)

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Just make sure you obtain any required permissions before you publish anything.



you don't need to ask anything to anyone if you don't release anything


well... that's the downside of this rule^^



most npc have a custom race with custom texture path

you just open the esp in tesedit, and remove the custom race, or edit the texture path, and the npc use whatever you want

game probably load textures from the nif in mesh\...\actors\facegendata\id of the npc in tesedit.nif, so it have to edit there

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