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Geck Dialogue Help IMPORTANT


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I would like to have someones help that knows Dialogue to the T.


I'm struggling. I would like to know what Condition makes other dialogue appear.

(Very hard to write out, easy to say)


Example: An NPC teaches me a new recipe. I want the recipe to appear at a campfire/workbench/reloadingbench after the NPC teaches it to me.


Except I want to use this for dialogue.



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What you might need to do is the following:


1) Create a Perk which represent the set of recipes you want to add, make sure it is hidden.

2) Add a condition to each recipe to require the perk to exist

3) In the dialogue use the SCRIPT box to add the perk when said NPC "instructs" your PC


Edit: Sorry about the previous message... but to copy: Conditions just filter which message becomes available; it is the small scriptlet within dialogues that do the heavy lifting.

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That is more simpler then what I wrote, but I will have to disagree about the clutter, since a perk can be used by the Player to check if they have those recipes without going to a campfire, workbench or reloading bench. Finally to avoid confusion the dialogue could check if the Perk or Quest has already started and avoid the repeat of said dialogue trigger.


If it is a hidden perk, does it appear the the PiP-boy perk list? I don't recall; but hidden Perk do not appear in level up lists either.

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