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NPC Sex?

A Random Dude5

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Not sure if this is in the right forum or section or whatever so correct me if i did that wrong.


Anyway: Is there a mod that makes npc's randomly have sex with each other without the player having to tell them? I thought i read it somewhere before but i'm unsure where.

I think Sexout Assault is the only mod that does that, then only on companions.
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You may be thinking about sexual innuendo/humping the mojave? (a wsex plugin)


That one had The King/Pacer randomly fuck the groupies on that big bed in the kings room and gamblers that randomly fucked Dazzle and Joanna in Gomorrah courtyard/Joanna's room.

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Guest tomm434

Making all NPC around have sex is dangerous because they can stuck  forever in animation. And that will stay dangerous unless Prideslayer moves code out of spells which is a lot of hard work.

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